Background of Lucretia Shaw

Lucretia Shaw was the beautiful wife of Nathaniel Shaw, a prominent New London merchant and agent of the colony for naval supplies.  On her husband's behalf, Lucretia entertained the most noted men of her day at their mansion, which stands to this day.  Her pity and compassion for American prisoners of war led her to selflessly step aside from her luxurious home and minister to these strangers personally.  As a direct result, she contracted "gaol fever" and died, thus sacrificing her own life for the Revolution.

Burial Site of Lucretia Shaw
"Ye Ancient Burial Ground of New London"
New London, Connecticut

The table stone of Lucretia and Nathaniel, Jr., reads as follows:

The Dust of Nathaniel Shaw Esqr., who died 15th April, A.D. 1782, aged 47 years.
And of his Wife Lucretia that died 11 Decemr. A.D. 1781, aged 44 years.

In 1938, The Lucretia Shaw Chapter erected an iron fence around the entire burial ground.  This was greatly needed for protection against vandalism and serves as a memorial to New London men who fought in the World War.

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