Lucretia Shaw Chapter, NSDAR

New London, Connecticut

Historic Preservation

Community Involvement

The members of the Lucretia Shaw Chapter, NSDAR, are proud to support our community in many ways to:

  • Locate, dedicate, and decorate the graves of American Revolutionary War veterans in local cemeteries.

  • Reward excellence in American history to students in local schools.


  • Recognize and reward good citizenship and community service.

  • Remember the veterans in the Rocky Hill Veterans Hospital, wounded American soldiers serving abroad, and homeless veterans by contributing personal care and comfort items.

  • Contribute food to local food banks and community meal centers.

  • Distribute the U.S. Flag Code, promoting respect and proper etiquette for our American flag, within our community.


  • Assist prospective DAR members, as well as members of the community, with lineage and genealogical research.

  • Participate in historic events held at Connecticut DAR and Connecticut Society Sons of the American Revolution owned properties.

  • Contribute educational materials to local libraries and cultural centers.

  • Promote conservation within our organization as well as in the community.

  • Participate, with other patriotic and hereditary societies, in the promotion of historic preservation, patriotism, and education.